Effect of Andong (Cordyline fruticosa) Leaf Extract on the Acceleration of Incised Wound Healing of Oral Mucosa in Wistar Rats (Rattus norvegicus)

Fakhrurrazi Fakhrurrazi*, Rachmi F. Hakim, Dwi Cahyani, Henny Henny, Siti Mardhiah
Faculty of Dentistry, Syiah Kuala University, Jl. Tgk. Hasan Krueng Kalee, Kopelma Darussalam, Kec. Syiah Kuala, Kota Banda Aceh, Aceh 23111, Indonesia

Corresponding Author: [email protected]; Tel: 081322510203
Recieved Date: 07 February 2021; Accepted Date: 15 November 2021; Published Date: 03 January
Citation: Fakhrurrazi F, Hakim RF, Cahyani D, Henny H, Mardhiah S. Effect of Andong (Cordyline fruticosa) Leaf Extract on the Acceleration of Incised Wound Healing of Oral Mucosa in Wistar Rats (Rattus norvegicus). Trop J Nat Prod Res. 2022; 6(1):20-23 http://www.doi.org/10.26538/tjnpr/v6i1.4
© 2022 Fakhrurrazi et al. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

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A wound is a condition of loss of cellular and anatomical or functional tissue. Fibroblasts are cells that dominate in the wound healing process, and they support capillary growth, collagen formation, and the formation of granulation tissue. Andong (Cordyline fruticosa) leaves are one of the plants used in herbal medicine. Their active substance content can stimulate the growth of new cells in wounds. This study was aimed at analyzing the histopathological effect of Andong leaf extract on the number of fibroblasts on incised gingival in Wistar rats (Rattus norvegicus). Thirty male Wistar rats were divided into six groups; three treatment and three control groups (5 rats in each group). The extract was prepared from the leaves of Andong. The wound was made on the labial gingival of the Wistar rats. The leaf extract was applied topically to the treatment group twice a day for 7, 14, and 21 days, while the control group was not given any treatment. Histological examination was performed on the wound tissue at the end of the experiment. The results indicated that there was an increase in the average number of fibroblasts on day 14th, with a further increase on day 21st in the control group. Meanwhile, the average number of fibroblasts was observed to increase on day 7, followed by a decrease on day 14, and finally, a further decrease on day 21 in the treatment group. The finding of this study showed that Andong leaf extract accelerates wound healing

Keywords: Andong leaf extract, Cordyline fruticosa, Fibroblasts, Wound healing.
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