In Vitro Inhibitory Effect and Kinetic Studies of Selected Local Plant Extracts with Anti-Obesity Potentials on Pancreatic Lipase 

Hamza B. Usman*, Hassan A. Salisu, Ahmed Garba, Usman B. Idris, Yakubu Ndatsu, Hassana Abubakar, Fatima G. Maiyaki
Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University, P.M.B.11, Lapai, Nigeria

Corresponding Author:; Tel: +2348161211483
Recieved Date: 03 January 2020; Accepted Date: 26 March 2021; Published Date: 03 May
Citation: Usman HB, Salisu HA, Garba A, Idris UB, Ndatsu Y, Abubakar H, Maiyaki FG. In vitro inhibitory effect and kinetic studies of selected local plant extracts with anti-obesity potentials on Pancreatic Lipase. Trop J Nat Prod Res. 2021; 5(4): 753-758.
© 2021 Usman et al. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.
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One of the therapeutic strategies in managing obesity is the inhibition of pancreatic lipase, a key enzyme responsible for the catabolism of fats and triglycerides. In this study, the Anti-obesity efficacies of twenty-three local medicinal plant extracts (aqueous and methanol) were analyzed against porcine pancreatic lipase activity. Anti-lipase activity was determined by spectrophotometric method. The Methanol extract of Khaya senegalensis (Bark), Persea americana (root), Daniela oliveri (leaf), Psidium guajava (leaf), showed more than 50 % inhibition on the enzyme activity. The aqueous extract of Khaya senegalensis (Bark) and Daniela oliveri (Bark) also showed more than 50 % inhibition on the enzyme activity. Kinetic Studies of PPL against the four effective methanol and aqueous extract showed that all the extracts exhibited a noncompetitive mode of inhibition by Michaelis-Menten non-linear regression and data by the double reciprocal plot. The Methanol extract of Khaya senegalensis (Bark), Persea americana (root), Daniela oliveri (leaf), Psidium guajava (leaf), showed Km of 0.0182, 0.030, 0.0596, and 0.0398 mg/ml respectively. The aqueous extract of K. senegalensis (Bark) and Daniela oliveri (Bark) showed Km of 0.0204 and 0.0554 mg/ml.  The result showed that K. senegalensis (Bark), P. americana (root), D. oliveri (leaf), P. guajava (leaf) can serve as a potential herbal alternative for the treatment of obesity. Further studies are required to elucidate the effectiveness of these active extracts and also an attempt should be explored to purify their active components to be used as safer and cheaper therapeutic agents in the future.

Keywords: Obesity, Pancreatic Lipase, Medicinal plant, inhibition, P-nitrophenylbutyrate
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